7/18/10 – poem, 686 haiku

(problems with WordPress navigation, so posted through QuickPress – I went to a UU service this morning; actually have never in my adult life gone to a ‘traditional’ type religious service, other than for an event or a friend, being an atheist and having practiced Buddhism for 27 years. More about it later, I suppose.)

the apse the nave the stained
glass stones ancient wood claimed now by
people breathing with me


5 responses to “7/18/10 – poem, 686 haiku

  1. Ahh .. silence in unison huh..
    nice description of a church, esp. coming from an atheist đŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work..

  2. Must agree with Kavita…a very nice descriptin of a church…well done.

  3. It is an ‘old’ church (as least by American standards), stone, with a lot of ornate woodwork and stained glass. In my neighborhood; I had no idea it was so ornate inside. Now owned and used by a socially and politically progressive congregation. (I was told 23% of their congregation is atheist, lol).

    Thank you both, Kavita and Martin, for your constant interest and kind words.

  4. “people breathing with me” hmm…there are so many subtleties in this haiku.

  5. Aha.. the ironies… đŸ™‚

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