7/20/10 – poem, the oxen are more addicting

A Twitter friend tweeted the first line. Really. It was part of a conversation, but I didn’t feel like tracking back what she was replying to, I didn’t ask her about it. I just blurped out a silly poem – and to think today I was worried about inspiration!


the oxen are more addicting
pluperfect ruminants
rumored imperfect
shoulder to yoke to chain to cart –
I am yoked to you I cannot turn away


4 responses to “7/20/10 – poem, the oxen are more addicting

  1. Who ever thought that Twitter could be inspiring?

  2. Just goes to show inspiratin can come from almost anywhere…I must try Twitter someday.;-)

  3. Seriously Lawrence, you can, so artfully, come up with amazing little poems, on the oddest of topics!! 🙂 I am thoroughly impressed, and inspired!!!
    I mean, OXEN !!! ADDICTIVE ?!?!? Too much, and too good! Hats off to you!
    And by the way, the picture totally reminded me of farming, and of fields in India 🙂 I have always been a city gal myself, but movies did have these lovely scenes in them…
    A neatly done poem!!! 🙂

    Oh…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! 🙂

  4. mjfrombuffalo

    OMG! ROFLMAO. And it is getting me very strange looks from the other people in the ballroom of this conference.

    I would provide the context and explanation of what “the oxen are more addicting” means, but that would totally spoil the poem.

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