7/24/10 – poem, can a question be unanswered


the why the where
can a question be unanswered
or is it of the fuller knowledge
halved with its answer
truthed into a sphere
cleaved unto its mirror sister

only to be
treasoned then by mind alone
sundered shallowly by our words
syllabant fumbling steel edged
slicing parsing what is truth


3 responses to “7/24/10 – poem, can a question be unanswered

  1. Interesting question to posit in you poem…of course one could argue that condition might only exist if the person had no beliefs…for truth to some is just a matter of what you want to believe….oh I do love this philosophy twist and turns.;-)

  2. Wow… so insightful! Often I have ended up leaving my half framed questions in mid-air. Because somewhere between starting to frame it, and putting the question mark at the end of it, I get a feeling that I am seeing the answer already.. and that the question is redundant. All this thinking of mine ofcourse never found the right words.. In fact, I didn’t even know one could put them in words! But you did. And this is exactly what it is (or least my perception of your poem) – the unframed self-answered question, that’s left unasked, and who knows, maybe unanswered too.
    Ooohhh… what a contorted thought! I love giving my brain some meaningful work! 🙂

  3. That poem looks like it can be the thoughts of an Agnostic or an Existentialist.

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