7/26/10 – poem, those drumbeats

Not the best news from my cardiologist – she’s scheduling an angiogram to try to parse more. She told me in the meantime not to exercise. But in exercise, relatively new to me – swimming, biking – is my true philosophizing, birthing shape and action and challenge into the world.

I’m sure I’ll feel more confident tomorrow.

the time taken to
think on time
lost lost lost
those drumbeats I
not quite heard


5 responses to “7/26/10 – poem, those drumbeats

  1. My dear friend, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes well. As always, your light shines so bright through your poetry!! Sending you much love ~ Amanda x

  2. I join Amanda in sending you positive energy for tomorrows test…take care my friend.

  3. Thank you both so much, Amanda and Charles.

    The angiogram, however, is not tomorrow – yet to be scheduled, between the cardiologist’s office and the hospital.

    I said I’ll feel more confident tomorrow, because I know that’s the way my mind and mood work.

  4. Happy tomorrow then, Lawrence…

    Your poem today seemed like it was all about the heart, and ofcourse, needless to say, from the heart too.. šŸ™‚
    Our best wishes are with you..
    Keep exercising (your mind ofcourse)… Do what you love doing… and you’ll automatically start feeling the positive energy surfacing šŸ™‚
    GOOD LUCK with everything!!!!

  5. I hope the future operations go well!

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