8/3/10 – post/day #215

Guess the recovery from an angiogram is a much longer arc than I had anticipated.

A friend called me today, thanking me for giving her a call after, yesterday, to let her know I was okay, and said I was a lot of fun to talk to – I don’t remember calling her.

So if it looks like I drunk-blogged or drunk-commented yesterday, that’s why.   At least I hope I didn’t go all Mel Gibson.

But I do stand by my M. Night Shyamalan slam. (although I can’t say it three times fast)

~ This is one of those days when I sigh at myself for making a blog a day determination for 2010 – and actually following through with it for the past 214 days…


5 responses to “8/3/10 – post/day #215

  1. Happy recovery, L !
    All I can say is, Mel Gibson or not, you seem to be throwing off some charm here n there eh… heheh
    And oh… Happy 215th too!!! I sincerely hope you can post one each day, for a long long time to come 🙂
    Take care..

  2. Keep going Dear, just keep going!

  3. LOL…no Mel Gibson that I know of!! Awesome and don’t stop…I will be coming every single day!!! Hope you’re feeling better my friend! Hugs x

  4. stay fit,
    be hopeful,
    you will be fine!

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