8/4/10 – poem, the hole in my sleep

Well, the tests around my angio show me, overall, healthier than I thought – but still can’t figure out problems sleeping


The hole in my sleep
into I tumble
spelunks clunks
trumbles down
into my yawning mouth


8 responses to “8/4/10 – poem, the hole in my sleep

  1. lovely words,
    you did it beautifully.
    hope that you rest well and stay well.

  2. You have captured it so beautifully…I have exactly the same problem, wake up around 3am and start writing…nothing worse than lying in bed not able to sleep!! I am so happy it’s all better than we thought. Take care my friend x

  3. I’ve a lifetime of insomnia behind me and have learned to embrace it rather than fight it. After all, aren’t I lucky to have all those extra hours in my day?

  4. hahahaha… awesome!
    It’s 4.10am here, and I am awake… so I won’t even bother to defend my sleeplessness 🙂
    In fact, my next poem is ready and it’s about my late sleeping habits.. but I might just push it to some time later, now that I’ve read yours 🙂

    LOVED the image !! 🙂
    Hope you are well and running about (figuratively ofcourse) now…
    Take care, L… 😀

  5. I tend to wake up when it is still dark too – if I’m lucky at 5:00 am after 5 hours sleep, but more usually some time after 1 or 3 hours, then usually go online and see what else is up…

    And the first line and title is actually my mishearing something spoken on the radio – it was actually, I almost immediately realized, “the hole in my sleeve…” (of course).

    Thank you all!

  6. Lawrence..I recall those sleepless nights…but now I sleep very well…of course I get less work done…but I’m willing to live with that flaw. 😉

  7. Insomnia can spur creativity, but get some sleep!

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