8/11/10 – the search for “life on mars”

Every once in a while I regret my post-a-day 2010 blog challenge. And…every once in a while I get hit through searches for the likes of “poems about life on Mars”, “life on Mars poem”.

I imagine it must be some kid, like I was when I was about 10 or even 13 (I was a geek).  I can imagine myself all excited by my brain somehow cross-pollinating the concepts of possible like on Mars, and poetic description of same.   But poetry about life on Mars seems like some far flung artistic nonsequitor,  like opera about brain surgery.

But the thing is, I did write a poem about life on Mars. https://novaheart.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/poem-4610-life-on-mars/. So I am Kokopelli, the Trickster. Who is also the God of Fecundity.




3 responses to “8/11/10 – the search for “life on mars”

  1. Oh my… I do recall that you wrote that poem…my question is have you finished the opera about brain surgery? 😉 I really shall growup some day…but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that my friend.

  2. Off to read it.
    First, have to share that I have a new green hat; can’t write a poem about it, have tried.

  3. Just read it. WOW
    This image here is excellent! It looks like a poet performing brain surgery with a drill 🙂 Well, I can imagine, can’t I ?! 🙂

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