8/10/10 – “uh, can we call in my stent double for this one?”

(No poem today – not even a poem about no poem today).

Going in to get my stent tomorrow. Even this little I’ve been dealing with, this little health concern, the past couple weeks is wearing me out. I just want to go in and get it the hell over with – admission isn’t til noon, and I can’t eat or even drink anything in the morning.

This is actually about the best of all possible outcomes – they found a problem, can work on it simply. And my heart has actually been working around the blockage. Not sure if it explains my 1/4 drop in heart pumping power (called the Ejection Fraction, as a percentage) over the last two years (but still decent for a man who’s been through what I have – the drop is more worrisome than the current point). Or if it explains my lethargy over the past year. But my blood and urine tests toward this show nothing the doctors find worth noting. No mention of high cholesterol (been taking Crestor) or encroaching diabetes.

So, an overnight in the hospital (maybe two), and I guess about a week of rest. Plan on taking off work through Monday. They may tell me something different when I am about to leave – I was surprised at the admonition not to drive for a whole week after my angiogram.

But I made the dumb move – doing something I rarely do with something medical – that is, looking up cardiac stenting. Nasty looking wire meshes – some drug-coated, others “bare metal”. But, I also see that even back in 2000 there was over 1 million angioplasties performed in the US, so I guess they’ve got enough practice.

And apparently, I should be careful with magnets for a few months afterwards.


6 responses to “8/10/10 – “uh, can we call in my stent double for this one?”

  1. Really??? I mean, careful with magnets, for such a teeeeensy piece of metal?
    And come onnnnn… you will be fine in no time!! And hopefully, out of the hospital after just a night (at most!)
    DO NO over read and get yourself all worked up now… 🙂 You know better than that… 🙂
    Take care, and my BEST WISHES are with you…
    BE BACK SOOOOON, Lawrence….
    (many hugs)

  2. There’s an old adage that a little information is dangerous information.
    Hard as I imagine it must be, please try to relax yourself prior to the procedure.

    ps: the lethargy is probably cause by omnipresent fear.

  3. Cindy, you are probably correct on the background noise of concern causing my lethargy today.

    Kavs, okay I was joking – you’ve just not supposed to get an MRI for 6 months – THAT could cause the stent to shift.

    Thank you, for your attention and patience – and concern – as I prattle on about this. 🙂

  4. Dear Lawrence. Sending you good vibes across the ether. Hope your recovery is quick.


    PS I believed the magnet story as well 🙂

  5. Hadn’t thought about the magnet issue…by the way the make those things where I live…seems that they are quite reliable for correcting problems.

  6. Wow….have never thought about it that way…I hope all goes well and will be thinking of you dear friendx Best wishes always x

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