8/19/10 – a twiller, “Jack Noir, PI” part II of II, so far…

The further adventures of Jack Noir, PI – “Sometimes you gotta use your brains, sometimes you gotta use your gun…” – as far as he’s gone, so far.

Should I restart @JackNoirPI?

No matter how much the sun – and the sight of Tom’s corpse – made my head throb, I would have to let Vera look me straight in the eye.

Vera was a tough bird. Tougher than me that one time, when I was staring into the business. And she would have taken a bullet for Tom too.

My face – and my stomach – tightened as I walked through. Out west they would call her place a bungalow, here is was a carriage house.

Vera’s door was cracked open. A man’s voice, snapping. Her gasp. I stopped, instantly noon. Grabbed the gun out of my suit.

I trotted up the walk. Pressed my back flat against the doorjamb opposite its opening. I raised a fist, rapped the door, it jerked open.

A thug swore. A gun cracked, a burst of wood splintered on the doorframe – whistling heat and gunpowder tang tried to slap my face.

I twisted, still behind the half open door, thrust my gun in, like I was going to fire in blindly. Show him I was wearing iron too.

Vera screamed. Another shot, wild, pounded into the wall above the door, plaster dust flew. I heard the goon scramble away toward the back.

I twisted, slipped around the door, gun up. Vera was sprawled on her living room carpet. In back, the thug grunted, a window squealed open.

Vera looked up at me, face bloodied but okay. I ran past her. Her bedroom window was open. Watched him hump over the fence, gone.

I swore, my breathing sharp, adrenalin socking my gut. I shut the window, keeping out the summer breeze. Vera was in dutch, alright. And me.

She was standing when I got back. “You better sit,” I said. She just shot me a look to pump lead. But her eyes were red and puffy.

“So you know?” I asked. Her mouth tightened. “You mean what the gink told me’s true?” I looked at the Philco hulking in a corner. “Yeah.”

“Jesus, Jack!” She keened like a siren. The kind of cry you’ll remember thirty years later. Sobbing, she collapsed into me.

After she exhausted herself, I got a washcloth and a steak. She was too tired and shaken even to wince. I would ask about the goon later.

Tending to the gash on her temple now was probably more affection than I had show her in all the four years we had been together.

Yeah, I still had feelings for her. Different now, softer maybe. Despite her moxie, I could tell she needed being taken care of right now…


5 responses to “8/19/10 – a twiller, “Jack Noir, PI” part II of II, so far…

  1. Oh..what fun this was to read….brings back all the images of the black and white films…thanks…I’m still smiling!

  2. You are a wonderful writer Lawrence and I agree with Charles…this was fun fun fun xx

  3. Very enjoyable Lawrence, carry on!

  4. Aww… such a hero!
    And what a well-narrated story! The pictures you’ve used actually made me feel I was watching a movie!
    And to think that each of these lines were tweets! WOW!

    I vote for @JackNoirPI.. 🙂

  5. I love the phrase ‘instantly noon’ but I don’t understand what it means.


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