8/31/10 – found poem, jelly-like above the brawny gods

I am feeling fine, just don’t feel like writing. Maybe I am just rebelling against the stricture – which is my tendency, which is probably why I haven’t accomplished much.

This is another “found poem” – combining lines from a list of samples of Helvetica fonts on new.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/helvetica-neue/. I think these are the beginnings of sentences that contain all 26 letters.  I know at least “c” is not in this poem.

(Update: a minute after I posted this, I did a major rearrange with two of the lines.)
Six big devils from
wavy Jake’s fat
just keep examining
the big plump jowls
jelly-like above the
brawny gods


4 responses to “8/31/10 – found poem, jelly-like above the brawny gods

  1. Now what be really fascinating …would be if you could find a photo or drawing to go along with these found poems of yours….I was thinking with this one…something from Greek mythology would have worked. 😉

  2. I thought and thought! And various images crossed my mind…some kinda unpleasant too..
    And then it struck…”FOUND POEM” and “fonts” !!! Duhhh!! Brilliant idea, Lawrence! This was really very clever of… and the lines actually made sense too!!! Phheeww..WOW!
    But I am really wondering why the sites don’t have “c”s in them… is there some reasoning behind that?

  3. Didn’t mean to cause any strain, lol.

    As to your question – the font samples on the webpage are very big, and only the first few words of the sentences appear. I am assuming the full (strange) sentences contain all 26 letters. I just noted that among the lines I chose – and I chose the beginnings, what appears on the site – there happens to be no “c”.

  4. That is one of the most abstract poems I have ever read online. Fascinating!

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