9/1/10 – poem, the stars are numb


Maybe the stars
are really just numb
They can be, can’t they?
Maybe my artless hand
stretches up up
hits their empty
watery pulsing
slaps the stars spinning
their cold all cold
rims my fingers
frosts my breath
brittles the skin of everything


5 responses to “9/1/10 – poem, the stars are numb

  1. Not numb… just tooooo hot or tooooo cold to feel a thing!
    And yet, they look at us and smile 🙂 While our skins turn to frost..

    Well depicted, Lawrence… an interesting take!

  2. Lawrence the emotion I read in this poem is of depression…or a deep sense of loneliness…or it…could be just me reading into things again. 😉

  3. I feel a sadness in reading this…a coldness. Take care Lawrence x

  4. Like Freud might say – sometimes a poem is…just a poem. I am not sad or depressed right now – at least I don’t think so. This actually came from mishearing, apparently, a song I was half-listening to: “the starts are young tonight…” or “the stars are warm tonight…”, something like that. The word I ‘heard’ was “numb” and I just played off that image. But thank you for your concern.

  5. The title intrigued me so much. Whoever thought that once can make novacaine out of novas?

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