9/9/10 – down in the river to pray

Today is one of those days, at the moment, when I really wish I had made my determination to write, say, every other day, or two good posts a week, instead of every day.

My posts here, I worry, are McDonalds Dollar Menu items. Maybe the daily cheapens my writing. Forced, out of my OCD that constantly kicks up dust as it ranges on the horizon but rarely become full blown, to keep my shoulder to the wheel.

Tired, just got home from my first choir practice at the UU church I’ve started attending. This is actually why I started attending, after 27 years of a rather insular sect of Buddhism, and then my last 1-1/2 years after dropping that, away from any such activity. More for the communal aspect than the religious. (Then again, this is a church whose musical offerings last week included a 10 year old girl playing “Rainbow Connection” in the piano – excellently, the congregation singing “Simple Gifts” unaccompanied, and a professional guitarist singing The Barenaked Ladies’ “Pinch Me”).

I have done something like the choir practice before, when I was much, much younger. Its 2-1/2 hours, in which most of the chorus was familiar with the songs and the drills, was to me like a workout punctuated with occasional releasing laughter.

And the four songs we rehearsed – actually, everyone else rehearsed, I tried to follow along with the sheet music – included a traditional gospel spiritual, a modern song quoting from a Civil Rights activist modeled after traditional gospel, and two traditional Jewish songs to commemorate the holy days this month.

It struck me toward the end that all four were from the cultures of oppressed and displaced peoples. Our singing – and my attempt at singing – these songs are a way to honor them.

May all the children of the world sleep in their own beds tonight.

Yana Tova, and Shalom.


6 responses to “9/9/10 – down in the river to pray

  1. Keep singing Lawrence!

  2. Wonderful ….I know what you mean by writing every day! At the moment I enjoy it still but it is dedication and takes time. Enjoy the singing…loved the last line:) xx

  3. Hi Lawrence. I know the feeling – writing every day is hard. I vary mine so that I have long posts, short posts, posts stolen from everyone else’s posts, posts with only You Tube videos on my more desperate days….

    I think you are doing a great job; today’s post is really interesting.

    What is UU?

  4. I hear you Lawrence.. I worry about the McD’s dollar menu thingie myself!!
    I remind myself – QUALITY…not quantity!! πŸ™‚

    KEep singing, Lawrence, and playing too… relaxing to the nerves…

  5. Yeah, sometimes when I post some stupid haiku because I have to post one every day whether I’ve written a good one or not, I go, “What the hell am I doing?”

    On the other hand, it’s not like anyone is forced to read this stuff. And it’s good exercise, especially for perfectionists like me, to realize that not everything you write has to be a literary masterpiece. (Okay, nothing I write is a literary masterpiece, but some pieces are less masterpiece-y than others.) Just getting something written is half the battle for me.

    Also, having a blog that contains both crap and non-crap side by side helps you recognize the non-crap better, I find. πŸ™‚

    I keep trying to go to UU churches, and I also am a singing junkie, but our congregations don’t seem to have as much fun music as yours. Either it’s high-toned classical — which I really like but not as a steady diet — or else half-baked PC anthems. Which is kind of what I think of the sermons, or whatever they call them, too. And of the general tone of the whole UU enterprise. Though, yeah, the community would be nice …

  6. Singing is such a lovely way to express oneself …perhaps one day we’ll get an audio on you site of you singing. πŸ˜‰

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