9/10/10 – song, Elegy

As I’ve mentioned here before, in the first half of the Naughts I played with a music computer program creating tunes. Turned out I had a little bit of talent for it – a nice surprise in your 40’s. I actually posted 50 tunes on a webpage provided by the software manufacturer.

I called myself Scajaquada [skuh JACK wuh duh] after a creek and the expressway that runs along it in my neighborhood. Certainly, Scajaquada is a Native American name – but it isn’t really; the creek was named after Englishman John Kenjockety, albeit he was an honored friend of the Senecas.

One of my first songs I created, I was working on as the first anniversary of September 11, 2001 was coming up. I framed it as a tribute to the victims, and the horrors they went through.





3 responses to “9/10/10 – song, Elegy

  1. You are really multi-talented..enjoyed your music composition…I must try something like that some time.

  2. Wow, quite a list you have there Lawrence…very impressive and like Charles said, multi-talented. xx Have a happy weekend x

  3. oh…that music composition was real good stuff, L!!
    I have a CD called X-themes… having instrumental versions of different OST soundtracks (spooky ones like Xfiles, Pycho, etc)
    Your track really reminded me of that! I really liked what you have done here! I like such music…

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