9/12/10 – singing

First time performing with the UU choir this morning.

I’ve been through this kind of experience before – I’ve even played Madison Square Garden.

An hour of rehearsal before the service, a lot of folding chairs in the choir loft, a procession to the front of the church for the opening song, and then back up very narrow thin stairs up to the loft.  It was the first full service there, with the minister, since I started going in mid July.   Apparently it is a tradition in UU for ministers to go on sabbatical over the summer, and have even laity (although I am not sure UU makes that as a hardline distinction or at least doesn’t use that abrupt division as in Catholicism and Buddhism) give stripped down – and lesser attended – services through the summer.

There were a couple moments singing, trying to get a grip on the sheet music – sight reading is a quiet expectation, and I could barely do it when I was playing sax twenty years ago, must less also follow unfamiliar lyrics – trying to match my voice with the loud bass behind my left ear, that were transcendent.

One when, toward the end of a song, I realized that for the last maybe 16 bars, I wasn’t thinking, just singing, with 50 other people.


5 responses to “9/12/10 – singing

  1. Sound like a fine experience…by the way you motivated me to try my hand at generating music on the computer…not sure how it’s going to go…but I just got the software and started playing with it.

  2. Sounds great Lawrence…your talent shines xxx

  3. woww… sometimes, you just get “absorbed” after a while.. and the feeling’s quite amazing!!

  4. What a wonderful experience!

  5. That’s what could be called a breakthrough moment! I have sung in many choirs in my life, but gave up after 5 years in a French choir: I’d arrive for rehearsal on time, and French people would drift in, unapologetic, over the next hour, and each one greeting with multiple kisses the ever-increasing members present. My energy level sank to zero before I even started to sing. But that choir did give me some sublime experiences, notably singing the Berlioz Requiem with 250 singers and a vast orchestra (4 sets of horns, 4 sets of tympani among others). This was for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings back i 1995. Woops, I do go on a bit, but your piece prodded my memory bank!

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