9/18/10 – poem

I worried about the future
it was always only about the future
And when the future came
I had no past to rest it on
and it’s all falling through


4 responses to “9/18/10 – poem

  1. Strange how when we were young everything was about the future…and now we’ve realized its more about the now. 🙂

  2. Yes, as slpmartin says …

    • I wrote this – dashed it off – a couple weeks ago, not reflective of my mood at moment, just an “obligatory” daily post.

      It has a lot to do with the religion I was involved in (really, totally dedicated to) for 27 years. Just pushing myself in it, being told, even in so many words – that in doing so my life, my future, would be taken care of.

      I dropped it, both the organization and the personal practice, last year. Now this morning I’m getting ready to go sing in the choir for this morning’s service at the UU church I recently joined. It is about people living their lives and trying to add value to it, and trying to give value to their community. Very different feeling. And full of beautiful women! lol

  3. LOL…loved your comment above…and I concure with the above opinions xx

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