9/25/10 – Tim’s morphine pump

Ran into a couple friends at the supermarket. Hadn’t seen or talked with them in a couple years.  I would house-sit for them; they said I was one of the very few people their jack russell Rex respects. Joe is a Buddhist, but never adamant, and wasn’t aware that I had quit practicing. Tim has been suffering from debilitating back pain for years. Joe mentioned Tim’s morphine pump, “Look at him – he’s walking around, no cane, he’s even smiling! Tim, show him your pump…”

Tim grabbed the side of his untucked shirt, twisted, and pulled it up to flash me a few inches of the left side of his lower back. A sizable lump under his skin, with a rough little pink strip like the remnants of a surgery cut. “That’s the port.”

What a little bit of wonder, that we live in a world where people can have an activated morphine pump sown into them so they can lead a normal life.


One response to “9/25/10 – Tim’s morphine pump

  1. So many wonders in the world of science and medicine these days…so much more to be discovered.

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