9/26/10 – miniscule ramblings

Feeling last week or so that this is work (or maybe better put, as it feels like work and I am not paid for it, torture). I the course of events, even a serious writer taking a week or so off from writing would be no big deal, expected – and for even the prolific Simenon, in the perspective his life, writing was the anomaly.

I am also well aware I have not visited many of my readers’ (your) own blogs lately, and it bothers me. I will get back into the swing of things.

But, like Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.


2 responses to “9/26/10 – miniscule ramblings

  1. My friend it’s always wise to keep things in balance….I’ll enjoy your comments when you get to it…keep smiling friend.

  2. Fiddle-dee-dee! If you’re not enjoying it, then stop: it was self-imposed and, while I would miss your daily post, I hate to think of you putting yourself under what is, in fact, unnecessary pressure.

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