9/28/10 – poem, my soul beard so gray

My soul beard so gray
now – Where fled
that drama of black?
and the tumulting locks
and the beard spilling wisdom
and the dream of that tattoo
my body can no longer cede

I got this from looking at my pic here… My friends across the oceans may know a soul beard as an imperial, also called a soul patch. In the 90s I used to have my hair out and down my back, kept it in a ponytail, and a full beard – I looked like a nerdy biker. As for the tattoo – after my heart attack and bypasses, I intended to get an armband tattoo with “Crispins Day” – as I was lying in the hospital for a week waiting for the surgery someone in the UK sent me an MP3 in which he read Shakespeare’s Henry V’s speech to inspire me – but I kept putting it off (probably wouldn’t have been a smart idea anyway), and now after my stent last month I am on blood thinners for the rest of my life and can’t.


2 responses to “9/28/10 – poem, my soul beard so gray

  1. Seem like time robs us of so many things that we’ve put on hold and now can neither do or want to….thought your poem hit the nail on the head on that issue.

  2. Did you see in the news that they have invented a dissolving stent?

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