9/29/10 – poem

Who are these people
everyone says are my parents?
they seem to believe it heartily
very convincing –
too convincing…


5 responses to “9/29/10 – poem

  1. This one made me smile…I can remember when I was younger having those feelings from time to time especially after I had left for college…couldn’t figure out why the rules had changed so much. 😉 Younger siblings had it easier.

  2. I’d love to know what inspired it.

    • What inspired it was spending the evening with my parents. Like George Costanza’s parents on “Seinfeld”, but without their energy (I feel bad saying it, but it’s how they feel to me)

  3. I hope they don’t read your blog?

    This makes me think of Larkin: ‘Home is so sad…’

  4. oh man seinfeld thaz all you gotta say…. i like it best when his mom caught him cheatin on himself… hilarious.. not that that has anything to do with this… but i can relate… i use to be horrified knowing that both my parents blood runs through my veins… then realizing there was no hope i was just as mad as they are… thou a bit less toxic possibly… ya know copy of a copy… loses strength… i am happy who i yam…

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