9/30/10 – unexpected flow

After ending up taking up a total of 3 hours for lunch for a doctor’s appointment, ended up staying at work 1-1/2 hours late, working on meeting minutes that my boss wants, at least a reasonable version of, by late tomorrow morning for a meeting.  And even right now at 10:00 at night, just getting back from choir practice, I am looking over some old committee meeting minutes and notes so we can start planning a future meeting tomorrow morning before he leaves.  Unusually busy for me.

Anyway – strange, and unexpected, those 2 hours I spent working on the minutes late this afternoon just flew by. I was in the zone, writing. For the first time in a long time. I pride myself on my meeting minutes – and my boss has boasted about me and volunteered me to take the minutes for a committee we are both on.

Anyway, after pulling off our 3 day offsite training, and my initial visit with this new specialist, and choir practice, I feel okay right now, and I feel I have written today.


2 responses to “9/30/10 – unexpected flow

  1. I love that feeling 🙂

  2. happy that you are happy and in the zone…

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