Arghhhh!! Forgot to blog today!

In other news, picked up a new med today – you’re supposed to take it in the morning, so I haven’t yet – whose side effects listing advises I seek medical help right away if upon taking it I have “vomit that looks like coffee grounds”.

I’m not even sure what that would look like. Or feel like coming up…


5 responses to “10/1/10

  1. Hope the new med agrees with you given the side effects.

  2. Coffee grounds? Oh my hat!

  3. hmmm, hopefully there will be no crazy side affects and you shall skip and hop the day thru… hey, we can dream right!!… wanted to come by to say hello how are you doing…

  4. OMW…hope you’ll be ok my friend xx

  5. Fortunately, no coffee ground regurgitation today. Or of any kind. Thank you all for your concern; just thought it was funny.

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