10/2/10 – Balulalow

Well, no coffee ground regurgitation today, as the new medication warns could be a danger sign. Or of any kind.

But, I did have a disagreeable stomach, for a short while, after taking it. And I’m not sure of my drowsiness is from the meds as I am also warned, or just because for some inexplicable reason I got only about 2 hours sleep last night.

In the meantime, I’ve had the old tune Balulalow running through my head today. The choir has been including it in the past couple week’s rehearsals. The stunning Benjamin Britten version from his “Ceremony of Carols”. I do not connect with the Christian Christmas aspect of it – it is a lullaby to the baby Jesus – but Britten’s full choir arrangement is crystalline.

It is a tradition song in Middle English or German, occasionally pops up on Christmas albums – both Sting and Heart have recorded it. Others including Peter Warlock have arranged it, but Britten’s is lush with aching sweeping chords toward the end.

It is usually sung by a women’s or boy’s choir, accompanied by a harp. We will have a harpist when we sing it. This is the only full choir version I have come across – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jP7j3sjSbY .  But we have about 40 singers, and are even bass heavy.

“The knees of my heart shall I bow” – I think this is one of the most amazing phrases I have even heard.


One response to “10/2/10 – Balulalow

  1. Love that phrase too Lawrence…thanks for sharing xx..hope you’re good xx

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