A day filled with live music for me. Choir this morning – we sang Vaughn Williams’s setting of Rossetti’s “Silent Noon”, and Ysaye M. Barnwell’s gospel-inspired “Spiritual”, along with leading two other songs from the hymnal. I’m feeling much more comfortable in my efforts to read – and sing – music.

This afternoon (lovely and sunny, warm like a summer afternoon) I went to see a coworker perform in the Amherst Chamber Orchestra (Amherst is a suburb here, nothing to do with Emily Dickinson – it is also home to the world famous Amherst Saxophone Quartet). Very exciting for me – I have not had much experience going to classical concerts.

In all, a very good Sunday.


2 responses to “10/10/10

  1. Glad you had a great day…I spent the day doing repair work on the house…a good time was not had by all this Sunday…but feel better to know some one had a great day. 😉

  2. Happy you enjoyed…rained all weekend and had a good time cooking for friends. Hope your week will be a good one too my friend xx

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