10/15/10 – the october surprise storm of 2006, part II

The night after my power went out – and it went out for a full half the homes and businesses in the Buffalo metro – I spent with a family across the street, sleeping in a little spare bedroom.

The next night at my sister’s in a first ring suburb, and the next with my other sister and her family whose power was out, but had a generator.

Then the next two nights at friends’.  They basically let me use their downstairs for my own.  By then I was going to work, and fortunately they lived about a half mile away.  (I didn’t have a car).

That evening, as he had the evening before, Joe drove me to swing around my house to see if the power was on.   It was, by now.  So we went back to his and Tim’s place, I grabbed my stuff, and went home.

It stunk.  Food in my fridge had spoiled over the five days, and I used the opportunity to get rid of all of it.

When FEMA came, it turned out they didn’t compensate people for lost food or lost wages.  But they did compensate people who had the financial wherewithal to ensconce themselves at hotels.


2 responses to “10/15/10 – the october surprise storm of 2006, part II

  1. Oh…that sounds like it was a terrible time.

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