10/18/10 – the “great” debate…


The New York State governor race debate just ended. The election is November 2.

There are two major party candidates – Republican and “Tea Partier” Carl Paladino, a developer from here in Buffalo who takes in $10 Million a year in rents from New York State; and Democrat Andrew Cuomo, our state’s Attorney General and son of former governor Mario Cuomo.

Paladino is known for mass forwarding emails including n***er jokes and women “riding” horses, and last week read and issued a statement criticizing gays. Oh, and then it came out that he recently owned, and his son managed, a couple Buffalo gay bars. And he acknowledges a 10 year old daughter from an extramarital affair with his secretary. And in an argument with a reporter, threatened him with “I’m gonna take you out, buddy!” His opponent Cuomo is leading by a 3 to 1 margin.

And 5 other third party candidates, including a dramatically bearded and black gloved (really) Rent Is Too Damn High Party candidate (New York City is unique in America in having a Rent Control Board and it is a huge issue there); and for the Anti-Prohibition Party the self-acknowledged former “escort” and madame whose service was the downfall of our resigned former governor Eliot Spitzer. Seriously.

It was a mess, no debate; in the 1-1/2 hours, maybe 8 questions posed with each given a minute or 90 seconds to reply. No debate. Everyone just talked to the audience and the camera. And no one had the time to explain anything in depth, how they were going to effect changes.

Waste of time and energy.


One response to “10/18/10 – the “great” debate…

  1. Have seen a ‘great debate’ in decades. ;-(

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