10/19/10 – random thought

There really isn’t anything I won’t eat, if you offer it to me.

In the Buddhist tradition, monks and nuns who vow not to eat animals will eat meat if it is offered to them – in the precepts, graciously accepting an offering is more important than a temporary omission in diet.

But the foods I will avoid, or not partake of if I can choose?  Not many –

Brussel sprouts
Indian curry
Sashimi and Tartare

Oh, and those Japanese pickled little whole baby octopi my natural foods co-op offers sometime.


5 responses to “10/19/10 – random thought

  1. How long have I been visiting temples and monasteries, and I didn’t know that (although I might have suspected). I usually have that rule for visits to other countries, but now I know I need to do it with my sanghas. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. What an interesting list of things you will not eat…why?

  3. You don’t know what you’re missing … with the exception of Okra *small vomit*

  4. I also want to know why….and Cin..you don’t like Okra?…yummmmmm 🙂

  5. With okra it’s probably the feeling of is shape and texture on my tongue and in my mouth. The same with brussel sprouts, and I find the texture of eggplant slimy. Salmon is too – surprisingly – fishy. Indian curry and cilantro, I really can’t say why.

    Ask me about my “garlic story” sometime – definitely worth a post in itself.

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