10/31/10 – poem, all saints mass

your name echoes here
mispronounced but sincere
nestled amid strangers’
half the world from where you were born
four hundred miles from where you died
only me among them know


6 responses to “10/31/10 – poem, all saints mass

  1. Happy Halloween.
    lovely poem.

    creepy piece.

  2. No, I don’t find it creepy. I read the last line as a celebration of a privileged secret knowledge.

  3. Have to agree with Cindy on this one.

  4. I had found out Saturday evening that a founder of the local Buddhist congregation I used to belong to, who was a Japanese army bride, has passed away.

    The next morning, yesterday, was a general memorial mass for All Saints Day at the UU church I now attend. Everyone was invited to hand in names of someone who had passed away in the last year. So I submitted her name – first name Japanese, last name Jewish – and the pastor fumbled on it as he read it along with the others.

  5. That was a very nice tribute, Lawrence… Who knows where one might “end up”, so to speak… But I guess, the good thing is, one is remembered in a good way wherever they end up…

  6. That was a great tribute.

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