11/3/10 – photo

Chilly but dry and bright day today.

I had to go out toward our airport, past it, to a lab to get a PPD test read. Monday I had gone there to get the injection of fake tuberculosis – I have to take the test every year because I work in social services, albeit strictly administrative.

Anyway, I live and work and socialize in the city, so to see such a blue sky and such a wide open space as I stepped back out of the lab really struck me. Of course, it was more striking than the photo.


2 responses to “11/3/10 – photo

  1. I sometimes miss the east coast…and then I hear about chilly, cold, snow, gray skies…and I think I really don’t mind leaving on the east coast in SoCal after all. 😉

  2. Buffalo?
    Why did I visualise you as an Englishman in New York?

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