11/8/10 – Mullet

Go myself a guinea pig today. First pet of my own – which is kind of sad at my age.

Landlords, who live above me, say no cats or dogs, but a guinea pig is okay. They are open to the possibility of my getting a dog, but they would want an extra security deposit, increased rent, and to meet the dog before I take her in and to have final approval.

I got her at the SPCA. She didn’t react well to being handled by a couple of the staff, but seemed to take a liking to me. Putting her on the floor and kneeling, she scurried between my legs and under my crotch. A friend.

When I got her home, though, she was frightened. To be expected. But she ate and drank well.

I’m letting her rest in her hut in the cage. When we get more comfortable, I’ll take and post her pic. She dun with some white, has long fur with a big tuft on her head. Thus – obviously – her name, Mullet. The hair atop her head looks like Rand Paul’s.


5 responses to “11/8/10 – Mullet

  1. I wish you much joy together. They are delightful creatures and she’ll own your heart in no time at all.

  2. Haven’t had a pet in years…well unless you count my coyotes. 🙂

  3. cannot wait to hear of the future mad adventures of miss mullet… rand pauls, now that is heeelarreeeusssszzzz….

  4. Pets are fun and therapeutic; it’s good to have company, to have something to care for. Enjoy!

  5. Thank you everyone! She’s still kinda shy, but seemed to like being let loose in the dining room

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