11/11/10 – more Mullet

Took Mullet in to a complimentary vet exam today. She has a 10 day money-back guarantee from the SPCA (the donation was only $15) and a free initial exam. Kind of like that temporary 10 day Inspection sticker you get from the DMV when you register a car. No, not really like that.

I traumatized her, just as she was settling in, by dropping her into the cardboard carry box and driving her again like when I took her home from the SPCA. The staff and other owners there thought she was cute. And someone thought she was a rabbit. Everyone thought her name was funny. The vet gave her a clean bill of health, which is a relief – just pointed out a redness on one of her feet that may indicate the beginning of Vitamin C deficiency, which is always a concern with guinea pigs, and something that should be attended to with all of them. The vet also said she was chewing on some timothy hay, which I hadn’t noticed, even an hour after I pulled her from her cage, which was good.

So on our way home I stopped off and bought some fresh spinach and liquid vitamin C and a dropper.

She inhaled the small handful of spinach I gave her. I’ll wait to try to feed her the drops tomorrow.





4 responses to “11/11/10 – more Mullet

  1. So sweet, I think you may be smitten 🙂

  2. Cindy, he’s not the only one! I am loving the story of Mullet (and that is the best name ever).

  3. I agree with Cindy…you show all the signs of being ‘smitten’.

  4. Well, I have to write about *something*…

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