Restarting – at least using this blog now as it is readily available to me and already set up.

What has happened since 2010? Not much, and everything.  The posts preceding, from 4 to now almost 3 years ago, seem so distant.  My determination to post a post a day successful (though I am doubtful the  audio post in late December, submitted and posted by phone call, fits the definition of a blog post. Maybe it does).

A new adventure, a new year. It will probably be a long strange trip. 

(I know an older gentleman who claims his friend Bob Weir, back in San Francisco back in the day, asked him to be the lyricist for his new band.  My friend declined, as he was quite content pursuing his doctorate in John Milton. I use, at least I think of, that phrase – WALSTIB  – a lot even though I was never Grateful Dead fan, and I consider that it would not be a phrase in our culture if my friend had accepted the invitation as he was eating his ice-cream cone that San Francisco day.)


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