a daily writing project for 2010

This is a project I’ve given myself – to write a substantive post every day in 2010.

I conceived it as an impetus for creative writing – I imagined writing bits of a play I’ve been working on as “live” posts – but it is tougher than I thought, and I’ve had phases where I wrote on current events and politics, poetry – and lately poetry and fun facts I’ve come across and want to share.

I have the tendency to think I am eternally a neophyte, that I’ve just started adulthood.  Which certainly has some advantages, but I want to also use this blog to remind myself I have lived through some things and have formed judicious opinions.

Wish I could say something “sexy” about my life, like I was raised by feral poodles and my childhood story’s been optioned by Pixar, or that I played Madison Square Garden on July 4th weekend 1986 – wait, I did do that.

Actually, a couple uneventful decades after I played Madison Square Garden, I got a heart attack while watching The Sound of Music – damn you, Nazis! – and ended up flatlining during a quadruple bypass a week later.  But I made it back from the edge.  I think.


One response to “a daily writing project for 2010

  1. So, here’s the “about me”…now what’s this stuff about Madison Square Garden???! Also, I’m so glad you made it back from the edge. :))

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