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8/28/10 – a little katrina story, chubby

Both this and the previous post are true stories from people I have talked to, from 5 years ago this week…

After the waters receded, she insisted on being driven back.

“There’s nothing there…” they told her.

But she made them take her back home so she could see it herself.

And they were right, there was nothing there. Everything of hers was gone. Like everyone else’s home on her block, just the foundation remained.

But when they arrived, waiting, after days, with no promise she’d return, was Chubby.

Her other two dogs she never saw again. But Chubby had always been needy, and he had waited for her to come back, or was too scared to wander off even to take care of himself.

Chubby remains a dutiful dog; when you text him and tell him to deliver the message to his mommy, he will text you back “woof” and let you know he did, and that he’s looking after her.


5/24/10 – “Lost”

At last “Lost” rests in peace.

As does Jack, apparently. Maybe he had been, slowly, for the past 6 years of our own lives?

Yes, creators J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber assured us it would not have ended up all being a dream. They did, at the end of the 2nd season, adhere to their assurance that it was, indeed, happening today in our world.

I stopped watching shortly into the 3rd season. When that began with the opening twist that The Others were leading an ostensibly contemporary suburban life in their little village, that was when it jumped the shark. As H.G. Wells – or J.R.R. Tolkien – said, fantasy must have inherent rules, even if they are not spelled out but only known to the writer; otherwise, when anything can happen in a story, or a new fantasy element is slipped into the story deus ex machina to advance or thicken the plot or even simply to delight the reader, all the tension goes out of it. Wells or Tolkien actually said something about pigs suddenly flying over the hedgerow.

Larry Niven and Isaac Asimov even explicitly notified the reader at the beginning of each’s handful of science fiction murder mysteries that there would be no teleportation or time travel or any other purposeful technology involved in the murder that was not already introduced or presupposed in the story.

So when I watched snatches of last night’s “Lost” episode – I was DVRing it – and saw some hallucinogenic golden-glowing cave waterfall, I thought it might have been an homage to the Ark finally being opened at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or maybe to the case in the trunk in Pulp Fiction. Then when Desmond got lowered down the waterfall to the glowing artificial pool with the mission of removing the huge hieroglyphicked stone plug from the godhead hole in the center of it, I thought, deflated, “Oh, “Lost” was just Myst with dialogue and fists…”

It all just totally slackened for me.

And the very ending, Jack with his father and all the main characters in the omni-religion church? 1990’s California New Ageism, chewed up and shat out by Wayne Dyer.  I was expecting David Arkenstone to start playing the organ. It was all but retro.

Jack is dead. And had everything we had been watching just been his “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”? Or Jacob’s Ladder for those of you under 40. I haven’t read the analyses and explanations yet – But the very ending, over the credits, the quiet shots of just the broken Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage scattered on the beach and in the water, leads me to conclude no one survived.

Well, no one ever does. You don’t meet your dead dad in a church, or gather with the people who influenced your life the most in ways you did not then comprehend; most of the time you don’t even get to say good-bye.

5/7/10 – more amazing facts about our world!

Did you know…?


Lightning flashes have recently been seen on Saturn –
but it will take almost 72,000 years
before we hear the thunderclaps.

The antithetical idiom to “shrinking violet” is “drunk brave coriander” –
but the phrase has fallen out of use in much of the English-speaking world.

Jellyfish find the term “spine-tingling”
to be culturally insensitive.

The sentient machines that took over the world in “The Matrix”
originally planned on using solar power –
but Duracell sold out the human race for a product placement.

5/6/10 – amazing facts about our world!

Did you know…?


Soylent Green really isn’t people –
that was just an edgy marketing campaign
that became an urban legend.

Elephants are scared of bees
but to humans their expressions for fear and for unrequited love
are all but indistinguishable.

When Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914,
he had been working on the lyrics to “This Fire”
but it would not be for another 90 years until it was completed and set to music.

If you laid out all the sorrows of the world end to end,
they would only be as long as a teardrop
but their weight would crush your very soul.

poem 5/5/10 – Mr. Dadanu Makes An Offer

Have I really posted 124 posts in the 124 days so far this year? Looks like it. This is number 125.

Okay, a bit of a cheat – a “found poem” as they are called. Found in my email this morning.


Mr. Dadanu Makes An Offer

With Due
Respect Dear Friend,
Pls i want you to read this letter
very carefully
and i must apologize
for barging this message
into your mail box
without any formal introduction due
to the urgency
and confidential
of this issue
and i know that this message
will come to you
as a surprise,
Pls this is not a joke and i will not like
you to joke with it.

I am Mr. Ernest Dadanu,
a Manager in Baank of Africa (BOA)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
I Hoped that you will not expose or
betray this trust
and confident
that i am about to establish
with you for the mutual benefit
of me and you.

I need your urgent assistance
in transferring
the sum of ($15) millions usd
into your account
within 7 working banking days.
This money has been dormant
for years in our Bank
without claim due to the owner
of this fund died
along with his entire family
and supposed next of kin
in an air crash since July 31st, 2000.

I want our bank to release this
funds to you as the nearest person
to our deceased customer while
i come over to your country
to share this fund with you
as soon as you
confirm this fund
into your account
and ask me to come over.

I don’t want the money
to go into our Bank treasure as
an abandoned fund.
So this is the reason
why i contacted you so that our bank
will release this money to you
as the next of kin
to the deceased
customer. Please
I would like you to keep
this proposal
as a top secret
and delete it
if you are
not interesting.

Upon the receipt
of your reply
and indication
of your capability, i will
give you full details
on how the business
will be executed
and also note that
you will have 45%
of the above mentioned sum
if you agree
to handle this business
with me
while 50% will be for me
and 5% for any
expenses that may arise
on the process,
Because i don’t want
anyone here in our bank
to know
my involvement
until you confirm
this fund into
your account and ask me to come
over for the sharing
as i indicated.

Am looking forward
hearing from you
Thanks with my

best regards
From Mr. Ernest Dadanu

poem 4/29/10 – haiku/Darkness

NaPoWriMo 2010, ReadWritePoem Day 29  – “Front page news”

“Man stabs 28 children in kindergarten in China”

Not precisely on prompt, but I was heartbroken and furious when I saw this.

Several kids and teachers in critical condition. Such selfish evil – obviously not in his right mind and China has a huge stigma and almost zero help for the mentally ill, but still… – wielding an 8” knife storming into a kindergarten class of 4 year olds – apparently, this was a copycat of an similar attack yesterday.

incessant squalling
tiniest birds so cherished
now I crush your wings

poem 4/26/10 – The Department of Good Morning

NaPoWriMo 2010 ReadWritePoem Challenge Day 26 – “Find a poem that you started, or perhaps one you abandoned… You now have two choices: finish the poem or take the parts you like and begin a brand new piece.”

The title and opening is a phrase that’s been rattling in my head for a while. I may have actually heard it, or misheard it, from a TV commercial.  This is one I can easily go back to and put some more work into.

The Department of Good Morning

The Department of Good Morning
a wholly owned subsidiary of Have a Nice Day
wishes you a safe and happy journey

as you enjoy your day
find directions on Mapquest
so you know where to stop and think
when is a good time to smile
and when to nod sympathetically

friend us on Facebook
find out what’s on our mind
and see what everyone you
will meet today is talking about

Justin Bieber, Twilight
who’s shaving their head today
to raise money for cancer
who bought a cow on Farmville
who’s saying RIP to her favorite cousin

go to Mapquest to see where you will
run into her, so you know when to nod

follow us on Twitter
subscribe on YouTube
sunrises now stream in HD

and if you find yourself alone
it happens to all of us
join our gold member pay site
where you can find someone
young and supple and smiling
to wake up with tomorrow

until then
have a good morning
and a wonderful day!