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12/31/10 – 365 posts later…



Rain is pattering on the window this New Year’s Eve.

I don’t remember that ever happening before.

Melting the snow. Cleaning the muddy detritus hidden in the snow. Pushing it out and down the drains.

Thanks for reading and commenting and camaraderie this past year!



12/30/10 – 2010 post-a-day blogging challenge limerick

Less than 25 hours more blogging
ashamed at how much was a slogging
don’t mean to grouse
as I’m clicking the mouse
but can’t wait to head out and toboggan

11/5/10 – placeholder post

Is this the day that I stumble and don’t blog?

No! Ha!

Fun fact: It was on this date, in 1955, that Marty McFly saved his parents’ future marriage!


11/1/10 – placeholder post

I really  shouldn’t wait til 10:30 at night to write here.   I have lots of ideas during the day – especially in the middle of work.

I’ve been regretting my post a day in 2010 self challenge for a while now, haven’t I?




10/20/10 – random thought

This is where the head hits the desk.

Fell asleep this evening – despite my last three weeks’ streak of sleeping decently, the best I have in years, my CPAP machine finally kicking in, haven’t slept well the past couple nights – and really have little taste for writing.  Which I guess was the point of my blogpost-a-day self challenge in 2010.

Just a little more than 2 months to go – I’m not going to stop now.

So dragged myself back to my desk to write this. Better things to come, promise.

8/3/10 – post/day #215

Guess the recovery from an angiogram is a much longer arc than I had anticipated.

A friend called me today, thanking me for giving her a call after, yesterday, to let her know I was okay, and said I was a lot of fun to talk to – I don’t remember calling her.

So if it looks like I drunk-blogged or drunk-commented yesterday, that’s why.   At least I hope I didn’t go all Mel Gibson.

But I do stand by my M. Night Shyamalan slam. (although I can’t say it three times fast)

~ This is one of those days when I sigh at myself for making a blog a day determination for 2010 – and actually following through with it for the past 214 days…

a month of sundaes (and thanks!)

Wow, this is my 32nd post.  I’ve finished the first month, already 1/12th along the way!

I want to thank all of you who’ve read, any of this.  And especially to you who’ve gone through the time and effort to post your comments.  (Does WordPress require that you have or create an account, to leave a comment?)

My first full month of doing a blog a day this year has been successful.   At least in that I have actually done them, a substantive daily post, my determination at New Years (which seem so far away now, doesn’t it?)

Okay, I admit the poems might have been a bit throwaway.  But my original idea was to use this as impetus for doing steady creative writing.  Either posting – or writing directly in WordPress – naked, rough draft scenes of the ‘play noir’ that’s been rattling in my head for the past year, occasionally spilling out onto monitor pixels (was about to say “onto the page”, lol).  One day I dusted off and posted my best visualizing of its opening scene.

I am surprised at the time I will take on many posts.  And that I have posted so much political commentary.

The most successful writing I have done is about the first third of a novel, maybe 10 chapters, mailing and handing out the chapters as I completed them – this was mid-90’s – to a small but slowly growing circle of friends.  It was a broadhanded unserious science fiction story, a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, full of inside jokes, in which one of my friends is recruited to save the star-spanning Scarlet Hegemony, and in turn save Earth.  Meanwhile, in order that his valiant galactic work go unnoticed, I went about his life disguised as him back here on Earth.  And the other friends who were reading it as it went along got tracked down and threatened by the alien bad guys because they knew too much because they were reading the story…

It kinda blew up.   Basically, there was so many cross-plot and meta-plot twists and retro-fitted layers of possible deception that I realized I had created a fictional universe without rules, which for fantasy fiction is like playing tennis without a net but with twenty balls.

Now, I am trying to find lessons in why my most-read article so far is a quick little one about grocery shopping, whipped up and posted on a Friday evening.  If you can tell me why that one is, please do.

Thanks for reading!!!!  I’ll work on getting better!